San Gimignano

The road from Poggibonsi climbs up towards San Gimignano, between sloping hills which open onto a unique scene from the medieval era. The city suddenly comes into view, with its breathtaking, soaring ancient towers.

The origins of the small walled city date back to 63 AD. The early history of San Gimignano is shaped by legend as well as that of reality. Historians know with certainty, however, that the cities’ most affluent times were during the medieval period when the majority of the churches and palaces were built. These are richly adorned with colourful frescos , paintings, ceramics and, works of art in wood, all of which make up San Gimignano’s priceless cultural heritage.

The towers are fascinating, imposing monuments, which over the centuries have survived famine, war and natural catastrophes. They have remained structurally unchanged, just as beautiful as they were when they inspired the likes of Dante Alighieri and Ghirlandaio (whose frescoes are also in the Sistine Chapel).

San Gimignano, solemnly welcomes all who wish to delve into its fascinating past and also those who are interested in playing a part in preserving its future.

"The future that tells about the past"